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Bird Dog Land Development, Real Estate


Matt Stark

VP of Land, Richmond American Homes

"Bird Dog understands how public homebuilders think, underwrite, and assess risk better than most and based on its principal’s actualized experience.  This makes Bird Dog a true ally that adds value in any transaction for residential land or lots."

Bob Porter

DR Horton

"I have known Brian for many years and always enjoy working with him. Brian is known for his honesty and fairness.

Brian is a knowledgeable professional whose extensive experience is coupled with the drive and tenacity to follow through and get the job done."

Fletcher L. Groves III 

SAI Consulting, Inc.

“Brian is knowledgeable, analytical, and connected.  He has a good methodology.  He has valuable insight and experience in land acquisition with a number of prominent home building companies; I think Bird Dog's focus on off-the-market land, and building a large network interested in that niche’ market is so smart.”

Michael Balanky, Principal

Chase Properties, Inc.

"I had the pleasure of working with Brian on several projects over the years and I have found him to be a hard working, committed and a creative professional. He has the ability to take his work seriously while maintaining a sense of humor. I would highly recommend Brian for any job he pursues."

Ron Moody, CEO

Moody Williams Appraisal Group

“I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Brian Small for more than 10 years on various real estate parcels that have had a very interesting appraisal problem. I find him to be open minded, creative and focused in solving complicated issues. He’s also been a great source in helping us as appraisers understand current market conditions.”

Robert Ball, P.E.,

Vice President, Zev Cohen

"Brian was hands on from the beginning. As consultants, we often get tasked with  doing tasks that should be the client’s responsibility.  He was truly a team player willing to put in the effort so everyone was successful.  I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Bird Dog."

Vincent J. Dunn, P. E.

Dunn & Associates, Inc.

"We enjoyed working with Bird Dog and would welcome future opportunities."

Jessie Spradley, Executive Officer 

Northeast Florida Builders Association

"Brian has been active with the Northeast Florida Builders Association for almost a decade, and during that time has been a strong advocate for the industry. Brian has helped promote housing affordability, serving both on our Government Affairs Committee and the NEFBA Board of Directors, and is seen as a leader by his peers."

Susie Anderson, Division President

Century Communities

"No one personifies “Bird Dog” like Brian does!

His tenacity and deep understanding of the market makes him a force to be reckoned with in this highly competitive market.  His collaboration with our team has been a large part of our success over the first 18 months.  If you are looking for someone who does not

know the word “NO”, Brian is your guy!"

William E Schaefer II, President 

Dominion Engineering Group, Inc.

“Brian has a superior understanding of the real-estate marketplace and how to entitle land. Brian is a pleasure to work with and very fair in his dealings. I recommend Brian, the top Bird Dog, for any real-estate needs you may have.

Anand Jobalia

Jobalia Development

"Bird Dog is one of the most diligent sellers I have ever dealt with.  It was an all around great experience and I wish that every seller shared Bird Dog's level of enthusiasm."

Robert H. Gidel Jr., Esq.

Partner, Phelps Dunbar LLP

“Brian is tenacious in his approach to real estate transactions. Having worked across the table from Brian on multiple large commercial transactions, can personally attest to Brian’s understanding and appreciation of the various intricacies involved with commercial development, and overall willingness to explore creative solutions to resolve problems that net the most reasonable result for all parties involved. Many in our industry claim to be “deal-makers” but Brian is one of the few that has the receipts to back it up. Would not hesitate in recommending Brian to others.”

Bruce Humphrey, Partner

Birchfield & Humphrey

"Bird Dog tirelessly pursues all aspects of a deal, leaving no stone unturned and no opportunity unexplored."

Justin G. Cerrato, Esq, Attorney/Vice President of Operations
Blue Ocean Title

"I had the pleasure of working along side Brian for over a year on the Blue Cypress Grove project and I can truly say, Brian’s diligent efforts brought this sale across the finish line. Throughout the project, Brian stayed active with all vendors and authorities necessary to create a marketable project for the end user. Brian is creative and has the local knowledge and network to accurately identify, contract for, and process projects to the end. Brian and his team at Bird Dog have created a very successful niche practice in what is a competitive market. I look to share in Brian’s enthusiasm and success on future projects."

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